Very kind donation from St Benedicts, Hindley, Wigan, Line Dancers

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received within the post a very kind donation from the Line Dancers of St Benedicts, Chapel Street, Hindley, Wigan.

Accompanying the wonderful £60.00 donation was a letter from T.Dermott of the Line Dancers:

“Enclosed is a cheque for £60.00 from the Line Dancers at St Benedicts, Hindley, Wigan.

Instead of sending Christmas Cards to each other we all made a donation.

We saw your appeal in the Bolton Evening News (webmaster – now the Bolton News) and decided yours was a very worthy cause.

Yours sincerely, T. Dermott, St Benedicts Line Dancers.”

All the team membership would like to express its sincere thanks to all the kind members at St Benedicts Line Dancers for so thoughtfully supporting us in this very kind way.