Meeting today with GMP Bolton Division Officers

Today at 11.00hrs, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and Training Officer Alistair Greenough, met at GMP Scholey Street, Bolton, Divisional Police Station, with Officers from GMP Bolton Division.

The meeting had been suggested by GMP Inspector David Henthorne, who as GMP Officer in Command at the Prestolee Flood Incident of Boxing Day, within which we played a major rescue role, had seen the Bolton MRT in action, and wished to further the links and liaison made on Boxing Day.

Inspector David Henthorne had also invited GMP Inspector Paul Devall and Sergeant Michael Sharples to the meeting.

The meeting lasted just under two hours and was very productive, with Garry and Alistair explaining personally the wider role of the Bolton MRT, outlining our Search Dog capabilities (DVSD, Trailing and Air Scenting) SARCALL and SARMAN systems, and the resources and comprehensive equipment of the Bolton MRT.

Looking to the immediate future, all present at the meeting looked in to the possibility of some Bolton MRT awareness presentations to GMP Divisional Officers as part of their on going routine CPD training.

Garry and Alistair would like to thank Inspector David Henthorne, Inspector Paul Devall and Sergeant Michael Sharples for their interest shown in the work of Bolton MRT at todays meeting, and for their resolve to further strengthen our existing already firm links with Greater Manchester Police.