A great lady goes the extra mile to kindly support us, at Ye Jolly Crofters Grand Charity Night, on Friday evening, 29th January 2016

Whilst present at Ye Jolly Crofters Grand Charity Night, in aid of the Bolton MRT, on Friday evening, 29th January 2016, a kindly lady made herself known to the team members present.

Team member Diane Blakeley who was present takes up the story;

“Last night (Friday 29th January ) a kindly lady in her (a youthful) 80’s came especially from Harwood, Bolton, to the Jolly Crofters because she saw we were there for a fundraising event.

This lady, supports many charities by small donations, but has wanted to support Bolton MRT.

Visiting us at the Bolton town centre October 2015 Winter awareness event, she did pass on her contact details, but it appears through miscommunication this was not followed up (for which we sincerely apologise)

A little disappointed by our lack of contact, she was still determined to set up a small regular donation to us.
She then contacted Greater Manchester Police, who passed on to her our Team Leaders details, but she sadly misplaced this information.

Making note of the Jolly Crofters Charity Evening in her local paper, she then decided to visit and see the team direct, but appeared on the wrong Friday.

Undeterred, this determined and very supportive lady, then turned up on the right date, and what’s more handed over to me a very thoughtful £20.00 donation to the Bolton MRT, alongside the donation of some snow boots and a jacket – which she said might be of use to one of our team members.

Furthermore she expressed the wish to set up a regular donation to us.”

Such a kind act of support, and a promise of future support from this thoughtful lady, is wonderful news for the team, and matters are now in hand for us to acknowledge her determination to get in touch with us.

Keep watching our website for news in relation to this.