Fantastic news from our friends and supporters at the Edgworth real Ale Festival

Today in advance of a press release by the Edgworth Real Ale Festival committee, our Team Leader was contacted by Nick Barlow of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival, to inform Garry that once again the incredibly supportive members of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2016 have very kindly decided to make the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team one of their charity beneficiaries.

The Edgworth Real Ale Festival is planned for Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th September 2016.

This is the tenth ERAF, and is a return following postponement of the 2015 Festival, with the Barlow Memorial Institute at Edgworth, Bolton, once again being the venue.

The Edgworth Real Ale Festival committee have been previous fantastic supporters of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, and their valued on going support for this the third time is amazing and very much appreciated.

We’ve also been asked to provide some bar staff for the Saturday of this years festival – which we will gladly undertake.

Below is our website report from Thursday 3rd February 2011 highlighting their wonderful previous support, arising from the ERAF 2009 and ERAF 2010;

Substantial donation received from Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010

Regular readers will be aware that we were one of the named Charity Beneficiaries of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2009, which resulted in a substantial £6,000.00 donation being made to the team.

We utilised this donation to fund the purchase of our SAR Boat and specialist clothing items for our Water Search and Rescue Unit members within the team.

Very kindly the Committee of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010, decided to support the team once again, as a co-beneficiary this time alongside the North West Air Ambulance Service, based at Blackpool and Manchester.

Last night at the start of our weekly Wednesday evening training session, five out of seven committee members of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2010, visited the team at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ to make their charity donation to the team arising out of the 2010 Festival.

All five were met by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon and Chairman Ken Oakes.

The outgoing Chairman of the ERAF (Edgworth Real Ale Festival) John Barlow, then addressed the team membership, thanking us for our (Bar Staff) support of both the ERAF 2009 and ERAF 2010, and in advance, our promised bar staff support for this years festival.

To the total amazement of all thirty seven team members able to be present, John Barlow then announced that we were to benefit from the kindness of the ERAF 2010 to the total of £6,000.00, a substantial donation. (with the North West Air Ambulance Service benefitting to the same £6,000.00 amount)

Our Chairman Ken Oakes then gave thanks on behalf of the team to John and his fellow ERAF committee members; Incoming Chairman Alex Docherty, Nick Barlow, Nat Royle and Geoff Capper.

Our Team Leader then explained to the ERAF members present that this large donation of £6,000.00 will be partly utilised to fund one of the three new SAR Alpine Lite MR stretchers recently purchased, and currently in store, to equip our new Land Rover MR Ambulances on order, and in part to fund additional specialist clothing for our Water Search and Rescue Unit members.

All our members are aware and acknowledge the huge support that the ERAF have put into the team over the last two years, with the team having benefitted from their kindness to the total of £12,000.00 (As have the co-beneficiaries of each year)

The dates of the Edgworth Real Ale Festival 2011 are Friday evening 23rd September to Sunday evening 25th September, with our team members providing a bar staff rota ’crew’ for a shift on Saturday afternoon.

The whole team membership wishes all involved in the ERAF 2011 every success in having an excellent weekend and benefitting more charities by their kind support.