Cheshire Search and Rescue Team suffer severe damage to one of their vehicles as tree falls across it!

From our friends at Cheshire Search and Rescue Team, who had just completed five consecutive days on a large scale missing person search in Nantwich, has come the following sad news, which they have announced on their Facebook pages as of Wednesday 3rd February 2016;

“Huge thanks to the 120 year old oak tree that fell on our vehicle last night, effectively writing the vehicle off.

We’ve also had to remove our two landrovers from the road in the last couple of days due to serious mechanical failures.

The team now only has an old control vehicle and a Toyota hi-lux available for callouts. Please visit our fundraising page at if you can help and donate to get us back on the road again.

Thank you.”

Pictures of the considerable damage are available on the website and Facebook pages of Cheshire SART.

We extend our sympathy to our friends at Cheshire SART over this accident to their vehicle.

Hopefully given their huge public support in Cheshire, its replacement will be quickly achieved.