Full report on the visit to Marsh Green Primary School, Wigan, by the team on Thursday 28th January 2016

Team member Gill Leigh has made the following report on the visit by the team to her school on Thursday 28th January 2016.

“Today the Team Land Rover, along with experienced team members Paul Copley and Heath Doran, travelled to Marsh Green Primary School, Kitt Green Road, in Wigan to visit the Nursery class as part of their topic on ‘People who help us’.

There they were met by Headteacher Gill Leigh, also an experienced team member.

Gill was dressed in her mountain rescue kit and showed the children the contents of her rucksack whilst explaining all about her ‘other job’.

The children enjoyed dressing up in her many rescue coats, hats, gloves and testing out her head torches.

Paul and Heath brought out the SAR Alphin Lite Mountain Rescue stretcher to show the children.

They then strapped Miss Newsway onto it and carried her around the Nursery.



Following this the children walked outside to the playground where they had the opportunity to sit inside our Land Rover and tested the sirens and flashing blue lights.

The children gained a great deal form this experience and their quotes were recorded as evidence of their learning.”

“Mountain rescue rescue people stuck up mountains”. Zack

“Save people from caves”. Alfie S

“They come in a special truck to rescue people”. Lily-May

“Torch in the bag to put on their head”. Cohen

“Land Rover had lights and a ‘nee-nor'”. Teejay

“They had helmets so that you do’nt get rocks on your head”. Liam Y

“The boat rescued the people in the houses”. Mason

“They talk on walkie talkies”. Teejay