Tactical Emergency Management Course

Today our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh attended a full day course in Tactical Emergency Management at the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Force Headquarters in Manchester. Alongside Chris on this course were GMP officers along with various representatives from Local Authorities in Greater Manchester and the NHS.

The course was designed to prepare officers to represent their organisation at a Silver Command Tactical coordination group. It included leadership styles, JESIP, multi-agency working, decision making models, preparation & planning and the role of the Strategic, Tactical and Operational coordinating groups. The day included numerous different case studies and table top exercises designed to give everyone experience in gathering information, working together and making decisions at this level of the command structure.

Bolton Mountain Rescue would like to thank The Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Civil Contingencies Team for providing us with a place on this course and Chris would like to thank Mark Taylor from the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College for a very informative and well presented training course.