Team Leader receives a call for advice regards a missing young mountain biker

This evening at 17.11hrs our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was contacted directly by a member of the public, who was contacting the Bolton MRT for advice and assistance in regards to a possibly missing young mountain biker.

The fifteen year old male youth had been in a party of eight mountain bikers at Rivington, earlier this afternoon, and had become separated from the rest of the party, who had all now safely arrived home, except for the missing party member.

The call was from the father of one of the bikers, who was seeking advice from our Team Leader, whilst family members of the missing youth were on their way to Rivington to try and find him.

As Garry was taking details in advance of then contacting the Police, and with a small party of team members still in the Rivington area from the standby rescue cover we were providing for the LDWA event informed of the missing biker, Garry received the news via the ‘informant’ at 17.22hrs during the same phone call that the youth had been located.

This is noted here for the interest and information of our readership and does not feature within our Incident listings.