Team provides Standby Rescue Cover for West Lancashire LDWA ‘Anglezarke Amble’ Event

Up to re-establishing its association with this event in 2013, the team had not been associated with the annual and very long running, well established Anglezarke Amble event, excellently organised by West Lancashire Long Distance Walkers Association, for some years now.

In 2012, freezing road conditions gave some problems to the organisers regarding retirees on the event, and possible issues should an incident arise.

Therefore we were invited in 2013 to re-establish our involvement with this event by providing standby rescue cover, with an invitation to the team to also cover the event in subsequent years.

This morning for our 08.30hrs early start for this years event, very experienced team member Mike Marsh, after previously organising our crew lists from the members who had declared their availability for today, met up with the organisers at the event start at Rivington Village Hall.

By 09.00hrs we had three of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances available with some ten team Call Out list members out all day until the early evening stop to our involvement, whilst two other team Call Out list members were out for either the morning or afternoon part, all crewing the vehicles.

In addition team member Heath Doran actually took part in the event.

In total twelve Team Call Out list members were present on hand throughout the day should any issues arise amongst the 298 x entrants requiring the team. (With the option of calling out the rest of the team should their help also be required)

Central Lancashire RAYNET greatly assisted the West Lancashire Long Distance Walkers Association with the control and administration of the progress of today’s event, which included a ’short’ 16 mile route and a ‘longer’ 24 miles course, (All on Rivington, Anglezarke and Turton Moors within the West Pennine Moors) with both walkers and runners taking part.

Weather wise, it was a somewhat chilly and damp day, with some light and some heavy rain showers, and the inevitably very wet conditions underfoot.

The event completed with only one requirement for the team’s assistance, which came via the event organisers control, and involved other emergency services responding to the medical emergency incident prior to the team being informed – please see ~Incident Report 24/2016.

The team is happy to provide assistance to this popular distance endurance event and help or friends at West Lancashire Long Distance Walkers Association