A very busy weekly meeting evening for the team membership

This evening saw many activities taking place within the membership.

Our Probationers, on their first training session, met at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ at 19.30hrs to be instructed by our Training Officer Alistair Greenough, Michael Wakerley and Call Out Contact Mike Marsh, in the detail of our team primary operational area, and personal equipment needed for rescues and searches, this all being followed by some practical exercises.

In total ten of our thirteen appointed Probationary members attended this evening.

Also taking place at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ was a meeting of our Water Team, headed up by our Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh, dealing with some training matters and equipment audits, with eight team members present.

Our Equipment Officer – Vehicles Neil Aspinall, and our Treasurer Martin Banks meanwhile busied themselves with their respective Team Officer duties.

Finally and not least, nine operational team members had an evening local area familiarity walk, taking in a circa six mile walk starting and finishing at Turton Tower, around the Turton and Entwistle, Wayoh and Jumbles Reservoirs, between 20.00hrs and 22.00hrs.