Absolutely fantastic donation of torches to the team by Bob Atkins, of Parotec UK Limited, Stoneclough, Bolton

On our recent incident 23 – 2016 of Friday 12th February 2016 – a missing man at Blackleach Country Park, Walkden, readers may recall that we laid an extensive trail of chemical light sticks to provide a guided route to the casualty site.

After this incident it was found that our current stock of chemical light sticks was running low.

Our Equipment Officer – Water Dave Cook was tasked with replacing the light sticks and contacted Bob Atkins of Parotec UK Limited, of Stoneclough.

In July 2011 Bob Atkins personally donated from his company, a huge (approximately 5000x) stock of light sticks to the team so he was the obvious first port of call for a replacement order.

Bob informed Dave that he does not trade in light sticks anymore but “can donate a few torches” to the team.

Today Dave called at Parotec UK Limited and met up with Bob, who immediately donated a marvellous total of twenty high specification torches to the team – these being 7 x Super Peli Lights, 2 x Super Sabre Peli Lights, 6 x Kinetics Sun Light SL4 torches, 3 x Pila Lights, a 12v Light Force Hand Lamp and a UK800 Rechargeable Search Lamp

The whole team membership would like to once again thank Bob Atkins of Parotec UK Limited for his continued support and latest fantastic generosity to Bolton MRT.