Visit to Team by Rebecca Pilling, Civil Contingencies Officer, AGMA CC and Resilience Unit

This evening at 18.30hrs, the team was paid an arranged visit by Rebecca (Bex) Pilling, Civil Contingencies Officer, AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit.

Rebecca was visiting after a long phone call with Garry Rhodes MBE, our Team Leader, regards the capabilities of the Bolton MRT and other MRTs operating within Greater Manchester, in regards to assistance at major incidents, and also to find out at first hand what a typical ‘MRT’ in Greater Manchester does by way of operations and training, alongside gaining an awareness of resources.

Meeting Rebecca was our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, Deputy Team Leader Chris Greenhalgh (who with apologies had to depart early) Training Officer Alistair Greenough (who at 19.30hrs had to leave the meeting to concentrate on organising the evenings training) and team member Michael Eddleston – who in full time employment is a GMP Inspector / GMP Force Duty Officer Control Room.

The meeting was very productive, with Rebecca wishing follow up meetings.

Before Rebecca’s visit was concluded at circa 20.30hrs, Michael Eddleston showed Rebecca the capabilities and some of the equipment carried within, our Land Rover Defender Mountain Rescue Ambulances, our Catering Trailer unit, our Ford Transit Minibus / Ambulance and our VW LWB Crafter van based Incident Control Unit.