Service celebrating the life of Peter Lyn Howells OBE M St .J attended today by team member Diane Blakeley

We have previously mentioned on our website, the recent death of Peter Lyn Howells OBE M St .J (see In Memorium report within our ‘News’ pages dated Wednesday 27th January 2016) a true mountain rescue stalwart, both within his own team Central Beacons MRT, within South Wales Mountain Rescue and within national mountain rescue.

Today very long serving and very experienced team member Diane Blakeley, both personally and representing the Bolton MRT, journeyed to South Wales early this morning, to attend a service celebrating the life of Peter Howells.

The service attended by a great many from the UK mountain rescue community, was held at St Woolos Cathedral, Newport, at 13.30hrs, followed by a cremation service at 15.00hrs at Gwent Crematorium, Croe Syceiliog, Cwmbran Torfaen and then tea ta Green Meadow Golf Club and Country Club.

A report made in the local paper can be viewed here.