Report on tonight’s weekly Wednesday evening meeting

This evening at 19.30hrs at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ twelve of our current thirteen Probationary members, met for their specific Probationary training session, this week dealing with mountain rescue radio handset protocols, Airwaves useage, Pagers, SARCALL and MR Map.

For anybody familiar with these items, tonight’s session was at best an overview, with excellent instruction passed on by Steve “why explain something simple when it can be better explained in detail” Fletcher and Mike “I can remember us only having six radio handsets when I first joined” Marsh.

The main meeting of the evening then commenced at 20.00hrs, regarding a Special General Meeting, which had been called to approve or otherwise, a brand new Team Constitution.

Our existing Team Constitution dates back to the teams formation in 1968, and for a while now, first started by team member Ken Oakes, and then by our Chairman Craig Lamb, Treasurer Martin Banks and Mark Scott, has been reviewed and rewritten by all four mentioned, then presented to Team Council, reviewed again on occasions, until a draft was ready for adoption or otherwise this evening.

Thirty one team operational members attended this evening, plus our Secretary Gillian Gregory who is a member of our Support Group.

As perhaps expected, very lively debate and considerable consideration took place before a vote was made on whether or not to adopt the new constitution.

The outcome of the meeting was that the current draft still needs some work on it, and further consideration by the team membership, prior to another SGM being called to approve its adoption.