Please help us by shopping at ASDA Middlebrook – and do not forget your Green Tokens!!!

Our Secretary and Support Group member Gillian Gregory, on Friday 4th March 2016, received the following email from ASDA Middlebrook which is great news for the team;

“Hi everyone,
In our store, we have voted for your group (Bolton Mountain Rescue Team) to go on our community board to help you with funds for your group.

The more green tokens you have in your tube then you are more likely to receive £200, please let your friends, families and colleagues know and to make sure they ask for the tokens at checkouts.

Good Luck, I will be in contact when the vote closes at the end of April.

Lynda Gallimore, Community Life Champion, Asda Middlebrook Horwich.”

Gillian Gregory our Secretary / Support Group member adds;

“For the benefit of those who do not shop at ASDA, they have a green token system for charitable giving.
On their community board are three Perspex tubes below the names of three local charities.

At the checkout you can ask for green tokens when you pay your bill and drop the tokens in the tube you wish to support.

So to all our many supporters, folks, it’s time to do your shopping at ASDA Middlebrook, grab as many tokens as the checkout operator will give you, and drop them in Bolton Mountain Rescue Team’s tube!

At the end of the period (end of April) we will receive a donation according to customers’ votes.

I think the winners get £200.00 and the other two get either £100.00 and £50.00, or both get £50.00.

The other two equally worthy charities alongside ourselves are Rumworth School and Horwich Visiting Service.”

All in the team are grateful to ASDA Middlebrook for nominating us in this thoughtful and supportive way.