Incident 32/2016 – Team Trailing Search Dog called to assist Oldham MRT / GMP with a missing person search enquiry

In the early hours of this morning at circa 02.30hrs, Oldham MRT requested the services of our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, and Search Dog Boris, in connection with a missing person search incident developing in the Failsworth area of Manchester.

Oldahm MRT had been called to join GMP resources in this search, at 02.08hrs this same morning.

At circa 03.40hrs Steve with boris arrived at the search RVP, and commenced his part in the search operation shortly afterwards.

Just after this, fortunately the missing person was located, checked by a party from Oldham MRT and then conveyed to hospital by GMP.

Steve and Boris returned to their Bolton home and some much needed sleep at 05.30hrs this morning.