Visit to 12th Bolton Scout Group, Beavers and Cubs, Rose Hill United Reformed Church, Great Lever, Bolton

The following account has been kindly provided by experienced team member Mark Scott;

All operational members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team receive regular training and assessment in Basic Life Support, in order to ensure that whichever team member arrives at a cardiac arrest, they know what to do: CPR (chest compressions) and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs, or “defibs”).

We also applaud and support groups in the community working to make Basic Life Support skills more widely understood.

This evening the team were delighted to accept an invitation to attend the 12th Bolton Scout Group, Beavers and Cubs at Rose Hill United Reformed Church, Great Lever, Bolton, to demonstrate how we deal with cardiac arrest and to enable the Beavers and Cubs to be able to understand and do this for themselves.

Experienced Team members Training Officer Alistair Greenough (a Senior Accident and Emergency Nurse), Equipment Officer – Stretchers and Ropes Nigel Booth (a GMFRS Watch Manager and first responder), Mark Scott (a basic life support trainer), and Mike Marsh (an Assistant Scout Leader) visited the group and provided both demonstration and hands-on training.

The Beavers and Cubs were enthusiastic and attentive, and after the initial demonstrations they readily engaged in the hands-on practical.

They were a delight to work with and a credit to their leaders.

After the session the Cub leader Hillary thanked the BMRT members and presented them with a fantastic donation of £100 towards the team’s operations – a very generous donation indeed, for which the team are very grateful.

Who knows? – one day one of these keen Beavers or Cubs may get to put heir training into practice – and save a life.