Support Group Collection at ASDA Astley Bridge, Bolton – and its another successful collection

Today our Support Group was out in force to hold a charity collection in the foyer of ASDA Astley Bridge, Bolton.
Operating a rota were our Support Group members John Ryan, Bob Melia, Iain Clarkson, Laura Tunnicliffe, Sarah Hindle, Aron Kirsh, Dave Rees, and Gillian Gregory.
We are very pleased to report that thanks to the generosity of ASDA’s customers, a marvellous total of £288.78p was raised.
We wish to express our thanks to the management of ASDA and Community Life Champion, Christine Baldwin, for allowing our collection to take place, and special thanks to all ASDA’s kind customers who took the time to pause from their shopping to drop their change (and banknotes!) into our collection buckets.