Bell Mark 3 Mountain Rescue Stretcher in for its regular service and issue of a new Test Certificate

Yesterday, Monday 14th March, our Equipment Officer – Stretchers and Ropes Nigel Booth, journeyed to Tebay, Cumbria, to drop off our Bell Mark 3 Mountain Rescue Stretcher, for its scheduled service and re issue of a new Test Certificate.
This stretcher, the second Bell to be operated within Bolton MRT, was delivered to the team on 28th July 1990, donated directly to the team with thanks, by the Mountain Rescue Council (or Committee) as was – now known as MREW.
Since this date, some 25 years and 8 months ago, we’ve had this stretcher regularly serviced as per the servicing schedule, by Peter Bell and latterly Lyon Equipment Limited.
The team would like to express its thanks to MREW and Lyon Equipment Limited for their assistance with facilitating this service.