Charity Run Across America

Last weekend the team supported a new run in our area, the Jackals Run, which took place on Darwen Moor. Please see our website news article for last Sunday 13th March.

Whilst we were providing safety cover for the race, our newly appointed Team Leader Alistair Greenough got speaking to the organiser of the race, Stuart Repon-Ness.

Stuart told Alistair about his plans for a slightly longer run than the 10km Jackals Run, completing the coast to coast of America, covering around 1,447 miles (2,329km) in approximately 45 days.

Stuart is supporting a childrens hospice charity and a couple of military charities. Starting on 1st August 2016 (brought forward from the date on his website), further details can be found on his website or Facebook page.

We wish Stuart well with his adventure crossing America.