Annual Good Friday celebrations in Rivington

The Team was involved in providing standby cover for the large number of people in and around the Rivington area this Good Friday.

Our control vehicle was based at the the Great Hall Barn, Rivington co-ordinating the team’s 4 Land Rovers out in the area able to provide assistance to anyone injured, and numerous team members on foot through the area who were meeting and chatting to people helping to raise awareness of the work all mountain rescue teams carry out in the UK.

11 officers from Lancashire Constabulary were also present throughout the day, working alongside Bolton MRT members; inevitably throughout the course of the day there are almost always reports of missing children who have become seperated from their parents so the police presence is very welcome. Staff from United Utilities were also on hand to assist team members if required, and indeed several were equipped with Bolton MRT radios for the day to further aid the public safety effort.

After an initial chilly start to the day, the sun broke through and brought some warmth and with it, many visitors to the area.

Daniel from Leyland was thrilled to have a sit inside our Land Rovers today

Many thousands of people enjoyed the traditional Good Friday walk up Rivington Pike today

The team dealt with a number of minor injuries and one wrist injury requiring transfer to hospital by NWAS ambulance. This casualty was transported to the Jolly Crofters pub and handed over to the waiting NWAS crew.
Incidentally we are very grateful for the donations from passing members of the public, totalling £46.