Incident 37/2016 – male with suspected fractured wrist

As the annual Good Friday celebrations on Rivington Pike began to wind down this afternoon, the team members at our BM2 Land Rover ambulance, which was parked up below Brown Hill, were approached by a 17 year old male who was nursing an obviously injured wrist.

The male had tripped and fallen whilst walking down from Rivington Pike summit a few minutes previously, and presented himself to our crew.

Suspecting that the male had fractured his wrist, team members assisted him with pain relief and splinting and arranged for a NWAS ambulance to meet us approximately 3km away in Horwich.

The male was then driven down the moorland track in our vehicle to meet with the NWAS crew near to the Jolly Crofters/Chorley Old Road junction. He was then taken to hospital for further treatment.