Incident 36/2016 – young female with ankle injury at Rivington Pike

During today’s Good Friday celebrations, the team was approached by members of the public who reported that a young female was having considerable difficulty descending from the Pike summit down towards Higher Knoll.

A team member was sent to the reported location and found an 11 year old female who was being helped by her friends, where she had reportedly sustained a badly sprained ankle on the trampoline stall at the nearby fair!

Team members arranged with the parents of the girl to meet up at Armstrong’s Quarry on Georges Lane, and she was then carried on a mountain rescue stretcher to one of our vehicles parked below Brown Hill.

With a bit of assistance the young girl hopped into our Land Rover and was driven approximately 2km down to the tarmacced road nearer Horwich, where she was handed over to her grateful parents, and advised to attend hospital as a precaution.