Incident 39/2016 – mountain biker with head injury at Outwood

We were called out by the North West Ambulance Service at 11:59 today to assist in the rescue of an injured mountain biker, who was initially reported to be in the vicinity of Philips Park, Prestwich.

On our arrival at Philips Park at the same time as resources from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), we were diverted to an alternative rendezvous point at Lower Heaps Farm, Outwood.


The female casualty was initially reported to have fallen down a slop following a fall from her mountain bike; however on our arrival she was “walking wounded”, albeit with a head injury, some distance down a wooded track.

The casualty, whose injuries had been bandaged by her friends, was treated by BMRT members (who were on foot), whilst Fire & Rescue service staff used their tools to open a gate into the woodland to allow our vehicle access.

With a BMRT vehicle and NWAS paramedic on scene, the casualty was driven back up to the road for onward transport to hospital.