Incident 37/2016 – Water Dog Search near Guildford

We are now able to record the following incident on our website.

Bolton Team member Dave Marsh and Mike Dermody were called to assist Surrey Search and Rescue late Monday evening [28th March].

Earlier that same day, a man had been seen to get into difficulties, following an incident involving a kayak, in the River Wey, which runs through the centre of Guildford.

A search had commenced where Surrey SAR had been tasked to search the river along accessible lengths looking for any signs of the missing man.

Dave contacted the Head of Operations of Surrey SAR to enquire if our Water Search Dogs could be of use. The answer was a positive yes from them.

So, the following morning saw Dave [with Sasha] meeting with Mike [and Quincy] at 06-00 for the long [uneventful] trip down to Guildford. Arriving just before 11-00am, both met with members of Surrey SAR for a briefing and search deployment. Mike and Quincy worked the river downstream from point of last seen.

Dave and Sasha worked upstream from a point some 3.5 kms downstream near the weir/sluice gates adjacent to The Row Barge public house.

Working upstream, Sasha gave a positive indication in one area which was checked by Mike and Quincy at a later time in the search with the same positive indication coming from Quincy. Both dogs got 3 more positive indications at the same point over the morning period.

Ably assisted by the boat crews from Surrey SAR, the river surface was searched along its length back to the place last seen as a matter of course. Once back at the r.v point, a debriefing session took place.

The location of the area of interest was later searched by Surrey Fire and Rescue who used their side scanning sonar equipment. Once completed, all returned for a bite to eat, a debrief and then onward travel to home locations.

It can now be reported that where the body of Mr. Broster was seen to surface, was indeed the point of interest shown by the two dogs during the course of their searching.

This can now be recorded as a positive find and is the first time our Water Search Dogs have been successfully used in England which has been trained by a voluntary Search and Rescue Organisation [namely Search and Rescue Dog Association Northern Ireland] under the auspices of NSARDA.