Incident 44/2016 – Continuation of major fire on Darwen & Turton Moor

As a continuation of the moorland fire on Turton and Darwen moor from the previous night the team returned to Crookfield Road car park RVP at 06:00 to meet with the staff from the mobile fire control unit on scene to discuss what help the team could be to the fire service.

Also in attendance were colleagues from Bay Search and Rescue Team who arrived with their Hagglund tracked vehicles to transport 1000 litre containers of water onto the moors for the fire crews.

Throughout the day our team vehicles were used to move crews around the moors, team members accompanied fire crews onto the moor to provide local area knowledge, some navigation assistance and again allowed us to track the crews from our control vehicle on our MRmap software.

Fortunately the fire came under control and at around 16:30 the team stood down and returned to base locations.

This was an excellent example of multi agency working by 2 fire and rescue services and two voluntary organisations.