The Team subscribe to a new Information Management System

Bolton Mountain Rescue have invested in a new software service which will allow the team to track the teams personnel and resources.

The software exists “in the cloud” and allows all members including the Support Group and probationary members to log in to the system to update their personal details, what activities they will be attending and when they are unavailable for call-outs.

The system also allows the recording and monitoring of team qualifications, including when qualifications expire.

Team equipment can be monitored and tracked when equipment is used, allocated to members, lost or last inspected, with automatic alerts set up to notify equipment officers of inspection frequencies and when equipment should be retired.

This evening Paul Brain gave a demonstration of the software to the team membership, which, although all the equipment has not been populated yet, the benefits of the software to assist in the running of the team was apparent to all.

Paul, along with Steven Fletcher and Mike Marsh have begun the task of inputting the data, starting with team members, the training program, qualifications and personal issued kit.

At the time of writing 60 of the 65 members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team have logged on to the system with a number interacting with the system by declaring off-call periods.

Paul and the whole of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team who gave Paul and our Team Leader Alistair Greenough access to their instance of the software so we could evaluate the system.

We would also like to thank the developers of the software.