Team Provides Safety Cover for the Prestwich Challenge Event

Today on this very warm sunny day, nine team members provided safety cover for the Prestwich Challenge event which is organised by Prestwich Athletics Club on Park Lane in Whitefield.

This is an endurance course of approximately 8 miles for teams of four to take part in which takes runners through both natural and man made obstacles. The route includes parts of Philips Park, Prestwich Clough, Irwell Valley Sculpture Trail and Drinkwater Park.

Our control vehicle was set up at the rugby club near the Registration area & finish line, and two of our landrover ambulances were crewed up and positioned on the course.

During the event we dealt with a few minor injuries including two female runners who sprained their ankles and required transporting back to the finish. Thankfully the race was a success and passed without any serious injuries or incidents.

The team would like to thank Prestwich Athletics Club for involving us in this well organised event, in particular the main organiser Glenn Martin who has obviously put a lot of time in to ensure the day was a success.