Greater Manchester Police Mountain Rescue Awareness

Today the team were delighted to receive visitors from Greater Manchester Police.
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Eleven officers had requested a day of awareness raising in relation to the work of the Team and its equipment and resources, following on from a successful event of this type last year. This was a valuable opportunity to build mutual understanding as the team work extremely closely with the police forces for much of the work we do.
Errr, which way are we going?
Errr, which way are we going?
Team members Mark Scott, Nigel Booth, Gary Melia and Heath Doran facilitated the day’s activities which consisted of an initial lecture presentation followed by demonstrations and hands-on practical work around casualty assessment, application of vacuum splints, traction splints and pelvic straps, and the safe use of a mountain rescue stretcher.
Equipment and vehicles were also examined and discussed. After a sandwich lunch the whole party headed out to the moors by Winter Hill to take part in a realistic simulated rescue of a mountain biker who had come to grief on the track down from the summit towards Belmont – a popular route and scene of many almost identical real accidents.
The officers did brilliantly, and applied the skills they had developed in the morning to the assessment, treatment and extraction of the casualty, one of their own number, and soon she arrived safely back at the roadhead.
On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank our GMP colleagues for taking the time to visit us and for displaying such an interest in our work.
Following the exercise the team travelled to Pendle Hill to assist with Incident 78/2016.