Incident 80/2016 – Mountain Biker Philips Park, Prestwich

At 14:38 today the team was contacted by North West Ambulance Control to assist with a casualty who had fallen from his mountain bike on one of the mountain bike tracks in Philips Park, Prestwich.

One of our Land Rover Ambulances who had been responding to the previous incident assisting Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue Team, were driving through Philips Park on the M60 so were able to make a quick response to the main car park at Philips Park.

As the vehicle arrived, an NWAS Ambulance also arrived on scene.IMG_20160805_1528012

One of the mountain bikers friends was able to direct the NWAS crew and our team to the incident site to assess what equipment would be required.

We responded with a stretcher, but upon reaching the casualty location discovered the ambulance crew had begun evacuation of the casualty.

On completion of the incident the team was approached by a gentleman representing an organisation who are taking over the running and maintenance of the mountain bike trails at Philips Park from Bury Council. He asked the team what would make life easier for responding vehicles to identify where in Philips Park an incident occurs, we suggested numbered markers at places along the trail allowing us and other emergency services to identify where on the trail mountain bikers are.

This is the third incident the team has attended this year at Philips Park.