Retirement of Dave Marsh from the Team

Not previously reported on our website was the retirement from the team of Dave Marsh, handler of our Water Search Dog, Sasha.


Dave originally joined the team back in August 1976. He has ‘retired’  twice already but has over 30 years experience within Mountain Rescue and the team, holding many council positions. Dave’s first search dog was an air scenting dog called Chi who had several successful finds before retiring in 2006. Dave began training his Water Search Dog, also known as a Drowned Victim Search Dog (DVSD), Sasha back in 2011, with her reaching the grade required in 2013. Since qualifying Dave has been asked to attend searches of water courses all over the UK.

All the team would like to wish Dave all the best for the future. Dave remains a member of NSARDA and is still available for callout for water based searches with Sasha, so they may both still appear within these pages for future searches.