Visit to the Team by Liz Royle of KRTS International, Power to Recover

Four team members recently attended a TRiM Course which gave the team an additional resource to assist in the wellbeing of the team. We were joined on the course by members of our neighbouring teams from Bowland Pennine MRT, Rossendale Pendle MRT and Calder Valley SRT.

Following the course we identified a gap of where to refer colleagues after identifying further assistance may be necessary. After contacting former Team Member David Crawford, the team were referred on to Dr Liz Royle of KRTS International / Power to Recovery, who is a specialist in psychological trauma and has worked with many organisations including Greater Manchester Police.

This evening Liz visited our Ladybridge Hall Base/HQ to talk to the team about our next steps. Liz highlighted the need of having support structures within the team and building self resilience, and identified further direction for the team.

The team would like to thank Dr Liz Royle of Power to Recover for her time and assistance this evening. We hope to be working with Liz in the future to test our systems.