Rope rescue CPD day

Team members Nigel Booth and Alistair Greenough travelled to Liverpool today to attend a training day on the practicalities of carrying out medical care of a casualty suspended at height.  The day was led by Phil Keating a rope rescue and access instructor and Andy Baker MIC and rope access instructor (also previous service in the RAF Mountain Rescue Service).  The day was kindly facilitated by John Dagger of Complete Training Solutions who not only provided the location in their rope access training centre but also provided lunch.  Massive thanks to John and his staff.

The students on the day came from a variety of backgrounds and included police medics, IRATA rope access technicians, industrial paramedics, fire service technical rescue members, mountain rescue and lowland search and rescue volunteers plus paramedics from various NHS trusts and an A&E consultant.  The variety of students leant itself to a really good mix of experience and technical skills in both the roped access and pre hospital care worlds.

The day focused on personal safety, casualty safety and doing simple skills really well and realising that interventions with casualties in these environments should only be carried out if they are absolutely necessary and the best medicine is the rescue itself.

The facilities at complete training solutions were perfect to allow maximum realism with a high level of safety required for great scenarios.  Once again thanks to Phil, Andy, John and all the staff for putting the day on.