Team Attends Peer Review – The Way Forward Meeting

Last year, Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) started to offer teams to undertake Peer Review, allowing teams to review and reflect on their own processes and the way things are done. So far six Mountain Rescue Teams have undertaken Peer Reviews, with our neighbouring team, Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue team, being the first.

Today five team members attended a meeting with teams from across the country who have either been peer reviewed, were about to be peer reviewed or were thinking about going through the peer review process. Tim Cain of Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team, who has developed the Peer Review process led the days events. Also in attendance were members of the executive from Mountain Rescue (England & Wales), including Chair Mike France and National Training Officer Al Read who were in attendance to understand the future direction of Peer Reviews. Two attendees had travelled from Scotland, who have been conducting Peer Reviews for Mountain Rescue teams in Scotland for a longer period of time.

The teams who had undertaken the Peer Reviews took the delegates through the process looking at what happens and inviting ideas on how to improve the Peer Review process and how to ‘market’ the scheme for teams yet to show an interest. The day also provided networking opportunities between each team.

Bolton Mountain Rescue team are considering whether to undertake Peer Review later in the year.

We would like to thank Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team for hosting todays meeting and for providing excellent catering for all delegates.