Incident 9/2017 – ankle injury at Tockholes Plantations

At 10:26 this morning the team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service Air Desk at Broughton emergency operations centre.

A 59 year old female casualty had sustained an ankle injury in the Roddlesworth Plantations at Tockholes, Darwen. Although the responding NWAS crew were easily able to access the casualty site, due to the terrain and obstacles our assistance was requested to carry the person a short distance to the waiting NWAS Ambulance.

Our first two team members arrived on scene at 10:50 followed by our first team vehicle at 11:05. The casualty was loaded onto a Mountain Rescue stretcher and then carried to the NWAS Ambulance parked on Tockholes Road.

A total of 30 Bolton MRT team members were involved in this incident which concluded at 12:13.