Incident 12/2017 – Rescue of Two Girls from Captains Clough, Smithills

At 16:19 this afternoon the team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service for assistance with an incident at Captains Clough. The ambulance crews had been called to two young girls who were injured whilst crossing the stream in the clough, and required assistance carrying the girls up the steep sided, muddy slope.

A full team callout was initiated, with two members already at our Ladybridge Hall base able to respond immediately in one of our Land Rover Ambulances.

As more team members responded to the incident, two SAR Alpine Lite stretchers were deployed to the site. Ropes were deployed to the site to assist with access to the site. The two girls were placed into casualty bags to protect from the dropping temperatures before being transferred onto the stretchers.

A short carry up the slope transferred the girls to the awaiting NWAS ambulance.

NWAS HART were also on-scene assisting with this incident.

We would like to wish the two girls a speedy recovery.