Surprise visit from last Sunday’s casualties

This afternoon teams members at our Lady bridge Hall base received a very pleasant surprise visit from our two casualties from last Sunday’s incident.  Elie and Elise along with their Mum’s popped in to say thank you to the team for helping them when they fell in Captain’s Clough last week (see incident 12/2017).  They very kindly handed over a box of chocolates and a thank you card.  The girls were then given a tour of our base and a one of the Land rover ambulances and were very impressed with the blue lights!!  Both the girls and their families were very grateful to the team, North West Ambulance Service Ambulance crew and H.A.R.T. team for their help as well as the 2 Greater Manchester PCSO’s who were on scene.

Elie and Elise came to our base to say thank you for helping them last week.

The girls left to deliver a bunch of flowers to a very kind lady who helped them initially when they had their accidents.  We are very pleased to report that the girls seem to have made a full and complete recovery.