Incident 21/2017 – Ankle Injury, Rivington

At 14:33 one of the team’s ‘Callout Contacts’ (who operate a shift system to ensure there is always someone to receive any call we get from the emergency services) received a call on the team’s direct phone number. Please note that we always advise against attempts to call us directly; those requiring mountain rescue should always call 999 and ask for police, then mountain rescue. The call from the person requiring rescue was unfortunately cut off and could not at first be re-established. We knew our team were being requested, but not by whom, why, or where. The team member who took the call, Steven Fletcher, kept trying to re-connect while the team’s deputy leader, Chris Greenhalgh, contacted the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) control room to see if they were aware of an incident that might require our services. Shortly after this Steven managed to re-establish contact. He determined that a woman had become injured on the steep track down from the Pigeon Tower, Rivington, down towards Lower House Car Park, the very rough track being known locally as ‘Old Kate’s Dingle’. BMRT members were alerted to standby for a possible call out to Rivington.

Team member Mark Scott had been hillwalking and was returning from White Coppice when the standby was received. He decided to make a detour in order to ascend the track to see if he could locate the incident and to see if any help was needed. About two thirds of the way up the track he met up with the injured woman and three NWAS crew who were attending, as well as the woman’s friend and others who had helped.

The woman had a suspected fracture of the right ankle and could not stand. Mark asked the NWAS crew whether our assistance was required and the crew confirmed they would like help to transport the woman to their ambulance. The incident then became a full team call out and within twenty minutes team members and equipment started to arrive, especially the mountain rescue stretcher and heavyweight casualty bag (a very warm fleece sleeping-type bag) because the woman was very cold. The short stretcher carry commenced at about 15:30. The woman was carried to Lower House Car Park and was then taken to hospital in the awaiting ambulance. The incident was complete at 15:55.

The team would like to thank the two walkers who came across the injured casualty and stayed with her while help arrived; also two members of United Utilities staff who offered help and helped relocate the ambulance from the Pigeon Tower to Lower House Car Park, and the owners of a Land Rover Defender vehicle who also offered help but found the track too steep.

We wish the casualty a speedy recovery from her injury.