Cake Making raises cash for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team

We have received a fantastic donation of £195.20 via our online portal, Charity Checkout, from Craig Harley of Bridgewater.  Family member, Alexia Harley, has issued the following comment on our website Guestbook page:-

“Hi, my name is Alexia Harley… I did a cake sale at my school and raised over £150 for this charity.  Me and all my family would like to thank you for all your help when we needed your services. RIP to my uncle, Adam Charlotte (August 2004). THANKS XXXX FOR YOUR HELP.”

15 year-old Adam was the subject of a search carried out by Bolton Mountain Rescue Team with a tragic outcome (see incidents 63/2004 and 64/2004) and we would like to thank Alexia for her thoughtful fundraising in memory of her uncle.

See also donation on August 11th, 2005 and GMP Divisional Commander’s Award January 19th, 2005.