Incident 26/2017 – Woman with Foot Injury, Rivington Pike

At 15:04 this afternoon the team were contacted by North West Ambulance Service to assist with an incident in the Rivington Area.

A 21 year old woman had slipped on the steps descending from Rivington Pike, damaging her foot, whilst out walking with family. She was unable to walk to the car park at Rivington Barn with her injury.

19 team members responded to this incident in two team vehicles, with members liaising with informants at Rivington Barn able to direct responding vehicles along George’s Lane to the “New Toilet Block”, at the base of Rivington Pike.

The team transferred the woman to Ye Jolly Crofters pub at the end of George’s Lane in one of our LandRover Ambulances, where the rest of her family were waiting. The woman was taken in her family car to hospital.

All team members would like to wish the woman a speedy recovery.