Visit to our HQ by 7th Tyldesley St Ambrose Barlow Guides

This evening the second group from the 7th Tyldesley Guides attended our Base, the first group having visited last week on 4th May 2017.
The group was met tonight by operational members Paul Copley, Heath Doran, Matt Hailwood and Phil Crook plus support group member Paul Hurst.
The guides were shown a film about Mountain Rescue, followed by a questions and answers session.
They were then shown some of our equipment, including vacuum splints, a vacuum mattress and a stretcher. This led, naturally! to one of their leaders being stretcher-carried by the Guides around the grounds of our Base.  Finally, the Guides were shown one of our Mountain Rescue Land Rover Ambulances and the equipment carried on board.
Bolton Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank the Guides for coming to visit us, their great interest and enthusiasm, and for the wonderful donation of £82.00.