Donation from a supporter in Prestwich

On the 12th of May the team received a message from Lynda Pearce-Hicks saying she had collected some money for us and would we like to collect it!

Team member, Martin Battersby, contacted Lynda who requested he met her in a swimming pool in Prestwich.

The swimming pool turned out to be at her house where four evenings a week, amongst her many other activities, she taught young children how to swim.

Lynda is also involved with Avon Cottage Stables, Clifton Road, Prestwich, where she organised a horse show incorporating pony novelty classes, a dog show, a raffle, and made chilli & cake to sell. All of these activities, unbeknown to us, were to be in aid of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

It seems that some years ago (Lynda can’t remember how many) we rescued one of her girls who had fallen from her horse in the West Pennines where we operate and the as the Air Ambulance was unable to pick her up, the Bolton team carried her on a stretcher her to safety.

In all Lynda raised the fantastic sum of £160.00 which she gave to Martin at the poolside.

All of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team send their grateful thanks to Lynda.