Incident 36/2017 – Rescue Climber Cadshaw Castle Rocks

Today at 15:47 the team was contacted by the North West Ambulance Service for assistance with two casualties who had been climbing at Cadshaw Castle Rocks.

With the majority of the available team members involved in a search of Seven Acres Park (see Incident 35/2017), all were able to quickly respond to this incident.

A party of 3 climbers were climbing at Cadshaw castle rocks where one climber had fallen 15 feet onto their climbing partner below.

The team has gate keys for a number of the driveable tracks in our area and were able to drive closer to the incident site.

It transpired there was just one casualty, the female who had been at the bottom of the crag was hit by the fallen climber and pushed onto nearby rocks.

The North West Air Ambulance also attended this incident, and were on scene as the first Mountain Rescue LandRovers arrived. The decision was made to transfer the casualty by land ambulance.

The woman was placed on one of our SAR Alphin stretchers and carried over Cadshaw Brook to the waiting LandRovers for onward travel to the waiting NWAS Ambulance. The ambulance then transferred to Blackburn Hospital.

Fifteen full team members were involved in this callout. The 13 full team members involved in the search were joined by two team members who were not involved in the search.

All at Bolton Mountain Rescue would like to wish the woman a speedy recovery.