Gregson Lane Dog Training Club closes

On 10th May 2012, the members of Gregson Lane Dog Training Club visited our Base to learn more about our search and rescue work, with particular interest, obviously, in search dogs.

As a result of their visit, they gave us a marvellous donation of £500 which was a great surprise and very much appreciated.

We have now learnt from their Treasurer, Janet Williams, that unfortunately Gregson Lane Dog Training Club has had to close, due mainly to illness and changes in circumstances for some of their members.  During their sixteen years existence, they have given all their surplus monies to local charities and have kindly donated £250 to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team from their closing funds, saying they hope this will help in some small way with the work we do.

Thank you, Gregson Lane Dog Training Club, for this thoughtful donation and the good work you have carried out over the past sixteen years.