Team Remembers ex-Team Member Steve Davies

Today team member Bob Hutchinson attended, along with our BM4 LandRover, the funeral of Steve Davies, which was held at Altrincham Crematorium, Dunham Massey.

Steve was a member of the Team during the late Seventies and early to mid Eighties. He was a great team member who was well known for his terrific sense of humour, always ready to play a practical joke but at the same time being a conscientious and dedicated team member.

Steve was an accomplished mountaineer and also spent some winter seasons as a ski instructor in the Alps.

Steve’s sister Karen along with other members of the family were most grateful that the team was represented at the funeral.

Steve’s time in the team was mentioned in the eulogy.

Steve was unfortunately taken at the relatively young age of 58 by a heart attack following a stroke.

He is remembered fondly by those team members and ex members who knew him.

The whole team passes its condolences to Steve’s family and friends.