Team Feature in ‘Crime and Investigation’ Programme This Evening

In March 2006 (see incidents 30/2006 and 31/2006) the team were called out to search for a schoolboy called Joe Geeling who was missing in Bury. It is a search that ended with a deeply sad and tragic conclusion. Joe was found deceased (although not by the team) and it transpired he had been murdered by another boy from his school.

A television company have made a documentary about this case, including the team’s involvement in the search. As a member of one of the search parties, the now Assistant Team Leader Mark Scott, was interviewed in mid July this year to explain the team’s capabilities in searching for missing people and how the events in March 2006 unfolded.

The programme is on Sky channel 553 “Crime and Investigation” at 9pm today (Monday 30th October). It’s also on Virgin at this time, channel 275.