Collecting Boxes Income for 2017

We are delighted to publish our end of year figures for 2017 for the income from our collecting boxes placed in the communities within our operational area.  The grand total is £4,487.55 collected through 79 host sites (we have 99 in total), and this shows an increase of almost £950 on 2016’s total, which is very encouraging!

As we start our 50th Anniversary year, how great it would be if we could recruit, during 2018, fifty new host sites within our area, stretching from Wigan in the west to Darwen in the north to Broughton in the east and Manchester Airport to the south.  150 sites regularly raising funds for our totally voluntary work would be a reassuring source of income, with our members regularly emptying the boxes and issuing certificates of thanks showing the amounts collected.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to all our host sites for having our collecting boxes, and especially their customers – the generous members of the public who drop their coins (and notes!) into the boxes on a regular basis.