Half Year Figures for Collection Boxes

We are pleased to report an income of £1,358.03 for the first six months of 2018 from our collection boxes located throughout the community in our operational area – from Darwen in the North to Wigan in the West, Broughton in the East and Manchester Airport to the South.

Unfortunately, this figure is over £1,000 less than donated for the same time scale in 2017, so we are very eager to increase the number of places hosting our charity boxes, which are checked and emptied regularly by our volunteer team members. We rely very much on the regular income received from this source to support the maintenance of our vehicles, boats and equipment so that our totally voluntary search and rescue service can continue.

Please email: box@boltonmrt.org.uk if you would be willing to host one of our charity boxes.  We take this opportunity to express huge thanks to all our existing sites for their continued and valued support and to thank the generous members of the public who drop their coins – and notes – into our boxes.