The team has 45 Operational Call Out List Members, men and women, all available for call out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, operating under the direction of our Team leader, Deputy leader and Assistant team leaders. The Team also has 10 Support Group Members.

Operational Call Out List Members are each equipped by the team with:

  • Thermal T-Shirt
  • Keela Mocha thermal top,
  • Montane Alpine Endurance eVent Jacket
  • Mountain Equipment Fitzroy Jacket (Male) / Mountain Equipment Alpamayo Jacket (Female)
  • Paramo Fuera Ascent Jacket
  • Keela Munro Salopettes
  • Keela Rainlife 5000 Overtrousers
  • Protective overalls
  • Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet
  • LED Lenser H14 Head Lamp
  • High-visibility rucksack covers
  • High-visibility vests
  • Personal flotation devices (Lifejackets)
  • Vehicle signage
  • MREW Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue handbook
  • Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Student notes hand book
  • Comprehensive OS maps and street atlases covering all the likely team operating areas (issued to Team leaders and senior party leaders)

… all team clothing items feature our distinctive team badge.

Furthermore, specialised units within the team are equipped with additional PPE according to their role – for example, the water and flood search & rescue team, and line (rope) rescue team.

Every team member has a radio operating on the all the UK SAR Mountain Rescue, Helimed, Police ASU and Ambulance frequencies, enabling contact with other MRT’s and RAF SAR helicopters. All of our vehicles, incident control vehicle and Ladybridge base, are also equipped with radios on these frequencies.

BMRT team photograph, 2012
BMRT team photograph, 2012

We usually recruit from experienced hill walkers, fell runners, mountaineers and rock climbers; this is combined with an undertaking to give a strong commitment to the team and the cause of search and rescue in their local area and beyond.

Have you got what it takes to join us ?

Following the receipt of a suitable initial online application form, recruitment is normally via a two-day introduction to the workings of the team.

During this introduction process, interested persons will then be asked to complete a comprehensive membership application form, and if still considered suitable will then be invited to commence a minimum 6 week probationary period with the team.

At the conclusion of this probation period you will then be subjected to further review regarding your suitability to join the team. If you are considered suitable beyond this initial period, you will then be invited to join the Team as a Trainee Team member for a minimum 1 year period.

During this trainee membership period, you will be required to attend a weekend residential course in Mountain Rescue. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Full Team Callout Member

The text below gives prospective members some idea of the qualities we are looking for in someone interested in joining the team.

  • who can give a significant amount of their time on a regular basis to partake in the team’s many activities (e.g. callouts, training, fundraising etc) – see the News section of the web site for a thorough idea of the commitment team members make;
  • who will show solid commitment to the team, its members, leaders and its aims;
  • who will follow instructions diligently when required;
  • who are confident, and can demonstrate potential leadership skills (e.g. when leading a party);
  • who have a reasonable level of fitness (e.g. can ascend from Ward’s Reservoir to Winter Hill Summit in under 35 minutes in normal hill walking gear;
  • who are in good general health and are strong enough to carry or haul a casualty on a stretcher;
  • who drive, and have their own transport;
  • who are free every Wednesday evening for training (holidays and illness excepting);
  • who are ramblers, hill walkers, climbers, or mountaineers or other similar “outdoor types”, or who are already members of another Emergency Service, or who are Medical Professionals;
  • who have at least a basic level of hillcraft skills;
  • who have at least a basic level of navigation skill: map and compass navigation, grid references, bearings, map reading;
  • who are not afraid of heights and can move safely and confidently on steep ground;
  • have an interest in, and a willingness to undertake significant training in, casualty care and casualty handling skills;
  • have certain essential items of personal equipment (note that we only issue team kit 6 months after first joining) i.e:
    • Hillwalking footwear
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Waterproof overtrousers
    • Gaiters
    • Headtorch
    • Rucksack
    • Etc.

People who:

  • have the agreement of their family to enable them to respond to callouts during evening and weekend hours, and ideally a degree of flexibility in their employment to similarly respond during working hours;
  • have experience in any of the following skills or occupations:
    • Medical knowledge / skill (e.g. Paramedic, A&E Nurse, First Aider, First Responder, Doctor)
    • Rock climbing (outdoor trad (traditional) rather than indoor walls)
    • Mountaineering / Winter mountaineering
    • Kayaking / canoeing
    • Off-road driving
    • Emergency response driving
    • Emergency services experience
    • Voluntary First Aid Society experience
    • Radio amateur

2019 / 2020 recruitment

Operational membership recruitment for our 2019 intake completed with 12 applicants taken on as Trainee team members for a period of 12 months.

Recruitment will not open in 2020, due to a very full team. Recruitment dates for 2021 will be announced via our social media pages.

There are non-operational vacancies in the Support Group – please continue reading if you are interested in applying to join.

Support Group Member

Our Support Group members help by lending support to the operational ‘Call Out List’ membership on a wide range of activities and events.

Our Support Group currently meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7.30pm at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

The time commitment is whatever you can offer, with membership open to all with an interest in supporting the work of the active team membership.

In essence the Support Group which is not just a fund-raising group, helps the team in a great many ways, including;

  • Providing exercise casualties for our Wednesday evening team training sessions.
  • Providing exercise casualties for our Tuesday evening and Sunday morning Search Dog training exercises.
  • Assisting the Call Out list membership on Team Vehicle and Equipment demonstration days and events.
  • Assisting the Call Out list membership with our ‘last Sunday in every month’ vehicle, trailers and Base / HQ valet sessions.
  • Supporting the team by assisting at Team Collection Days, ie Supermarkets and Village Fetes.
  • Helping with the regular emptying and checking of our numerous Collection Boxes out in the community.
  • Providing catering (based upon our fully equipped Catering Trailer) on larger team exercises and operational call outs, particularly search incidents.
  • Providing help with catering on the annual Mountain Rescue Foundation Course weekend in mid October, hosted by the Bolton MRT.
  • Providing support and help to Call Out list members at evening lectures and presentations on the work of the team.
  • Providing help and support to Call Out list members at Base / HQ Open Days.
  • Assisting with occasional decorating tasks and building maintenance tasks at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

Support Group members are covered by the team’s insurances, and are issued with a Team Support Group Sweatshirt, carrying the team’s logo, and a Keela Odin lightweight waterproof jacket, both are the same colours as the Call Out list membership’s clothing.

All members of the Support Group are supplied with regular copies of the Team’s Training and Events Programme, contact listings and regular Incidents listings. Membership may require payment of a small subscription fee, the sum of which is decided upon at each Annual General Meeting of the team.

If you are interested in joining our Support Group and helping the valuable work of the Bolton MRT then please reply by email to or apply in writing to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, Ladybridge Hall, 399 Chorley New Road, Heaton, Bolton, BL1 5DD. Please give a contact address and telephone contact details in any reply.