Visited our website and wish to help the team? Well we have many wants on our wish list from the expensive to the not so expensive!

Securing our future at our base locations!

At the present moment we enjoy excellent headquarters, base and garage facilities at the North West Ambulance Service Headquarters, Ladybridge Hall site. Other garage facilities are located at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (Bolton Central) Fire Station. Whilst both of these locations are secure for the foreseeable future, the team needs to seek ways to consolidate & secure its position at both facilities.

Water search and rescue equipment

At the present time the team has a number of swift water rescue trained personnel and a 3.5m semi-rigid inflatable search & rescue boat. The team has twelve full sets of PPE equipment for these personnel, comprising a “search and rescue” buoyancy aid, helmet, throw line, knife, strobe light, waterproof radio cover, dry suit, boots and thermal undergarment. The team is currently looking to secure funding to purchase five more personal protective equipment sets. The approximate cost is circa £4,000.

Mountain Rescue Stretchers

The team currently has three brand-new in-service (as of January 2011) SAR Products Ltd Alpine MR Lite (Mountain Rescue) stretchers. These stretchers have the capability of attaching a wheel frame assembly underneath to better ease and assist carrying on off-road tracks and similar terrain (essentially a mountain bike wheel underneath the stretcher in a purpose-built carriage frame). Only one of our three stretchers of this type currently has this wheel frame and wheel; the team is looking for sponsors willing to purchase two further frames and wheels for our two Alpine MR Lite Mountain Rescue stretchers that currently lack this equipment; this equipment costs £400 per complete unit.

Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Student Notes handbook

Every three years, every member of the Bolton MRT takes part in an intensive casualty care course to the requirements of the MREW Casualty Care Certificate course. Via the NESRA Mountain Rescue region, an excellent student notes handbook was prepared against the course syllabus. Around the time of this book’s first publication (in September 2006), the team purchased 50 copies of this comprehensive book which are issued on an individual basis to our team members. As of late 2010, this handbook has now been issued in a revised edition format, complete with additional chapters. Obviously as we have to be current with the latest Casualty Care standards, we would like to purchase 50 copies of this latest revised edition. The revised edition costs £12 a copy at January 2011 prices; therefore we are looking to seek sponsorship of £600 to cover the cost.

Team equipment container bags and rucksacks

When three new team vehicles entered team service in early 2011, the way equipment was packaged and carried in these vehicles changed slightly, with a degree of repackaging and reorganisation of the equipment carried. Accordingly the team is looking for sponsorship of specialist rucksacks and container bags in quantities of three each (for commonality across our three new LandRover Ambulances). The purchase costs on average range from £100 each; therefore £300 in total per rucksack/container. The team estimates that each new vehicle will require five new rucksack/container bags, therefore an overall cost of £1,500 is estimated to cover our envisaged needs.

And of course our day-to-day running costs (£82.00 a day!).